Visa of a wife or residence permit in Ukraine after marriage

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Marriage troubles are behind and there is a question of further cohabitation before new multinational family. Most often, unfortunately, citizens of Ukraine prefer to move abroad so the most relevant service is the accompaniment and preparation of documents for the visa of wife. What do you need to know first of all?

• Do you need a visa, or can you use the visa-free travel agreement and to process documents on the spot (for example, having a biometric passport to Italy it is possible to go there right after marriage, and it, alas, won't work well with Germany in spite of the fact that both countries the members of the EU and are in the Schengen area)?

• What documents (including additional) are necessary for you and what their validity period?

• Additional conditions (for example, minimum size of salary of the spouse or knowledge of language)?

If your spouse decided to share with you the joy of life in Ukraine, you should immediately find out:

whether the country of the spouse falls under the agreement on visa-free entrance for family emigration! IMPORTANT! Existence of visa-free entrance on tourism (the EU, the USA, Japan) DOESN'T MEAN AT ALL that the same rules are applied to reunion of families! All above-mentioned countries, for example, have to issue the visa like D to entrance and receiving a Temporary Residence Permit.

Having addressed the immigration Attorney at Law Kirill Barashkov you can:

register a full package for the Visa of the wife "ON A TURN-KEY BASIS"

receive full support for registration of the visa D for the spouse in the Consulate of Ukraine abroad

get consultation on related issues (the international adoption, recognition of paternity, citizenship of Ukraine)

to register a residence permit in Ukraine "on a turn-key basis" (registration, paperwork) in a period from 3 working days!


  1. Marriage with the foreigner in Ukraine in 24 hours! Full registration "ALL INCLUSIVE"!
  2. Do you marry abroad? Full package of documents for marriage abroad "ON A TURN-KEY BASIS"
  3. Visa of a wife or residence permit in Ukraine after marriage

In most European countries it is required to obtain duplicates of documents in the Registry offices and certificates of non-conviction with apostille. No problem! We demand documents from Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Moldova and Uzbekistan.

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