Do you marry abroad? A full package of documents for marriage abroad

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Marriage abroad most likely will become one of the most interesting and memorable days of your life!

And matter is not only in romanticism, a wedding is one of the best opportunities to plunge into culture and atmosphere of other country, especially if you have to live in it in the future.

It should be noted that in most countries of the world the marriage legislation is quite hard, in Anglo-Saxon and European culture marriage is first of all the contract, and the official in this country will be very serious, "under a microscope" to consider the documents provided from Ukraine.

What should we do that during marriage abroad, to think only of the number of guests at the holiday table and a dress which would be pleasant to the groom's mother?

• Most precisely to study requirements of the foreign state if it federal (as, for example, Germany) in addition to study requirements and nuances of marriage in that area where you are going to marry.

• To collect all package of documents, having paid special attention to apostilization and the translations into a foreign language.

• To specify the period of validity of each document and what it wouldn't turn out so that by the time of its submission to the institution its validity has expired. And it is possible to address the immigration Attorney at Law Kirill Barashkov,

• receive full and detailed consultation on the issue;

• fix the cost of documents;

• to receive a full complex of services "All inclusive" in collecting (receiving), apostilization (legalization), translation checking and sending documents by the best courier services anywhere in the world;

• and to be sure that duplicates and an apostille on your documents can be received in any point of the former USSR and all documents made by us will be accepted in the foreign state.


  1. Marriage with the foreigner in Ukraine in 24 hours! Full registration "ALL INCLUSIVE"!
  2. Do you marry abroad? Full package of documents for marriage abroad "ON A TURN-KEY BASIS"
  3. Visa of a wife or residence permit in Ukraine after marriage

In most European countries it is required to obtain duplicates of documents in the Registry offices and certificates of non-conviction with apostille. No problem! We demand documents from Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Moldova and Uzbekistan.

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