YULIA ADAMIK: What do Ukrainians need to know decided to link their life with a citizen of Canada

• The Ukrainian women are waited by serious tests — the immigration Attorney at Law Kirill Barashkov warns. — The Canadian authorities very strictly check newly married. If you for any reason haven't made beautiful wedding photos, haven't called one hundred guests (they need to be immortalized by all means in pictures), haven't kept the check about payment of celebration at restaurant, then your chances of moving to your husband in Canada are greatly reduced. At best, the process of reviewing your case will take several months.

Except a detailed report about a wedding, the newly made wife needs to collect certificates of non-conviction from all places and the countries where she ever lived more than half a year. Also it is required to provide the birth certificate, diplomas of higher education institutions, the certificate on the previous marriages and divorces. All these documents the groom submits to the immigration service of Canada, where the case of family reunification is considered from eight to ten months. The issuance of guest visas to the wives of Canadian citizens was terminated a few years ago. Therefore, all this time the wife has no right to visit her husband in Canada, even on a guest visa.

After consideration of the case (in nine cases out of ten the answer is positive), the spouse of the citizen of Canada has to undergo full medical examination in the medical center certified by the embassy, fill an application form (and it is about 400 questions) and successfully pass a personal interview at the embassy. In my opinion, the year of forced separation is a kind of test for the strength of feelings.

When registering marriage with the citizen of Canada the militia major from Khmelnytskyi the 39-year-old Yulia Adamik thought that she has forever said goodbye to habitual work. It turned out that in Canada they recognize the diplomas of Ukrainian universities and, having mastered the language, emigrants can work in their specialty. - The long-awaited female happiness fell on me from the sky, - says Julia Adamik. - After the divorce with the husband I lived alone for 12 years, brought up my daughter, served in the police. And although I worked in a male team, my personal life did not develop. Already I have also reconciled to the fact that I will never meet the man. Once I have come into church. There the young couple got married. I have approached the priest: "Father, I want love, warmth, happiness!" He has stroked me on a shoulder: "God is mercy. Today I will pray for you, and everything will get better". Honestly: in several weeks I have met my destiny!

"I'm not going to leave Ukraine and I will not get acquainted with the Canadian"

• On the Independence Day, I received a call from former classmate Igor Pavlishin, "says Yulia Adamik. - We together studied in National Academy of Internal Affairs. He congratulated me on a holiday and, asks: "Did you get married? No? I have a groom for you! - And after a pause, he added: -This is my relative. But he is from Canada. "I'm not going to leave Ukraine," I said. - Therefore, I will not get acquainted with your relative". However Igor continued to call. He worked for many years in the criminal investigation department, he knows people well. He assured: like, his professional instinct tells that we will ideally suit one another with the Canadian.

Then the "groom" Pavel began to call. He said that he saw my photos in Odnoklassniki, now he is staying with his parents in Ternopil region and is ready to come to me any day. I refused for about two weeks, until my friend shamed: "Julia, how much can you torment a man! Meet him, at last!". And I have given up. We decided that the meeting would take place on a neutral territory, in Kamenets-Podolsky. Pavel came with Igor. I was embarrassed, as a schoolgirl, even blushed.

Igor, as he could, relieved the tension. I have suggested to look at fortress. Pavel worried : "And how do you go on such heels? Why are you wearing them at all? "The fact is that in Canada, women do not wear shoes on the heels. And those who wear heels they called "crazy". And then, as luck would have it, the strap was torn off on the sandals. Pavel began to be indignant again: like, why to torment itself with inconvenient "stilts"? Igor has risen in my defense: "You there, abroad, in general have run wild! Understand, Yulia has put on inconvenient sandals for you. The Ukrainian women want men like. Left alone, Pavel and I started talking. He said that he had emigrated from Ukraine more than 20 years ago. He lives in the city of Edmonton, the capital of the province of Alberta. He is engaged in construction business. He was married, but unsuccessful. Dreams of the family, of the children ... Pavel had sad eyes, he looked at me watchfully, cautiously. We have agreed to meet in a week in Ternopil.

The second meeting was very sincere. We spent a whole day together, we felt that both had the feelings. Pavel invited me to travel to the western regions of Ukraine. During this trip we passed the compatibility test. Six days went by car, talked, laughed. We stopped in the most beautiful places, made photos. It seemed as if we know each other all life. Pavel was surprised: "Is that how it is?"

Then he returned to Canada. He wanted very much that I came to visit him. Twice he sent invitations, but I did not receive a visa. It turned out that it's very difficult to go to Canada even on a tourist visa. And I have brought in embassy the reference from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: the top management guaranteed that I, the police officer, will return home. However, this did not help.

Then Pavel has again arrived to Ukraine. We have spent together four months. I have got acquainted with Pavel parents. We together celebrated Easter holidays. On the next day after Easter, Paul gave me a ring with a large diamond and asked me to marry him. Without hesitation for a second, I said: "Yes!"

"On the wedding day, the groom and his relatives were stuck in the elevator, so we were late to the registry office"

After that, we went to the registry office, - continues Julia Adamik. But it's not so easy to become a wife of a Canadian citizen. We have to present the reference from Embassy of Canada (in two languages) that Pavel isn't married, and certificate on a divorce with the stamp of the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada. We went to Kiev and back for several times. According to the law, from the moment the application is filed, at least a month must pass before the registration of marriage. However, an international couple can be registered earlier in two cases: if the bride is pregnant or the groom needs to return urgently to his country. Pavel had a return ticket, so the date of our marriage was fixed for the very near future.

In the wedding day there was a funny thing. As it should be, the groom and his relatives came to take the bride from home. They went into the elevator and pressed the button. The cabin has moved and … has hanged between floors! Before the registration less than half an hour, I'm all on my nerves, and then Paul calls: "Do not worry. We just got stuck in the elevator". I started to panic. Then I realized that I had to call emergency service. "Today is Saturday," the attendant said. "Lifters do not work." "I'm a bride, and the groom is stuck in the elevator!" — I shout her. — Urgently find somebody!" It was very hot, and I was afraid that before the elevator attendant comes the groom and his guests would suffocate in this ill-fated cabin. In a wedding dress, on high heels, I ran up and down the stairs. Neighbors connected to the process of releasing the groom. Together we tried to open the doors, but could not. At last the elevator attendant arrived and slowly, slowly, moved to the ninth floor. I walked behind and pushed him in the back: "Please, faster. We are late for the wedding!" Fortunately, the employees of the registry office were sympathetic to our situation and, despite being late, registered a marriage on the same day. They laughed: "We had no such case yet". However, our tests did not end there. The marriage certificate had to be registered with the regional justice department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then taken to the Canadian Embassy for legalization. Oh, it was a whole catastrophe!

Pavel returned to Canada and the whole month collected confirmation that he can support an immigrant wife and her child (my husband insisted that my 18-year-old daughter Olya also moved to Canada). Meanwhile I went to all instances, collecting documents from my side. We even needed checks from the cafe! By my miracle several receipts when we with Pavel traveled around the Western Ukraine have remained. Only after that the authorities of Canada have begun to consider the case of reunion of our family.

The whole year we spent with Paul in separation, we talked on skype. And this is very inconvenient because of the big time difference (10 hours). Every morning I got up at half-past four and ran to the computer. At this time, Pavel was returning home from the office. Until seven o'clock we talked, then I hurried to work. In parallel, I began to learn English ... And then the cancer was found at my dad. It was necessary to look after him, to be on duty at his bed, to do injections.

"Home is where your beloved and dear people live. Husband and daughter with me - then I'm at home "

• When the pope's condition became critical, I received a call from the Embassy of Canada, - says Yulia Adamik .- They said that in a few days my daughter and I will be able to get a visa. But if we do not leave for Canada for six days, then we'll have to collect the documents again. How will I leave the father at such moment? I came to the father for advice. He whispered: "Daughter, go. Be a good wife for Pavlik". Breaking into tears, I have gone to Kiev for a visa, then I resigned my job. I thank my colleagues: they helped me to register everything in the shortest possible time. Two days before my departure, my father died. From the funeral, my daughter and I went straight to the airport. It was so hard on my soul - not to express in words …

Pavel has met us at the airport of Calgary and has carried to Edmonton. The first thing that struck me in Canada is the ideal roads. It seemed that the car was not going, but flying. In shops, in restaurants, people smile at each other, say hello. Easily start a conversation, but if you see that you have problems with English, are doubly attentive. When they find out that you are from Ukraine, they are happy. After all, most locals have Ukrainian or Polish roots.

Canada is a country of emigrants. There are special programs for the fastest adaptation, including free English language courses. There are no restrictions: study, you won't reach perfection yet. We with the daughter are trained at such school. In free time Olya works as a waiter in a cafe. She is paid 10 dollars an hour. Next year the daughter, having issued the interest-free credit for training, will be able to enter to the university. She will pay it, earning additionally in the same cafe.

As for my employment, I was very much surprised, having learned that I can serve in local police. Leaving militia, I thought that has forever said goodbye to habitual work. It appears, Canada recognizes diplomas of the Ukrainian higher education institutions. To confirm legal education, I need to pass examination in the local legislation in addition. And, of course, to be fluent in language. So I directed all my efforts to learning English. Pavel jokes: "When you become a policeman, I'll give up business and stay at home."

However, in this joke there is some truth. In Canada, policemen earn at least 80 thousand dollars a year. And how the locals love their guards! Those often go to a cafe (here it is customary to drink coffee several times a day with friends or colleagues). Having seen policemen, Canadians are happy, waving their hands, they wish them a good day. For a long time I could not get used to it, because in Ukraine are afraid of policemen.

My friend, who emigrated to Great Britain several years ago, warned: do not think that life in a foreign country will look like a fairy tale. First there will be euphoria, then a terrible depression will begin. But from the first day I feel comfortable in Canada. It feels like I've lived here all my life.

The husband often asks: "Do you miss home?" "Home is where your beloved and dear people live – I say- You and daughter with me - then I'm at home, ou van hear Ukrainian speech on the streets. There are a lot of organizations created by our emigrants, and the social life literally boiling. Recently all our family have participated in a theatrical performance of the play of Lesya Ukrainka "At the dawn of the early zill was digging." Dressed in folk costumes, sang songs, wreathed wreaths. My daughter, being a member of the youth organization "Arts of life", together with friends collected 107 thousand dollars to help the crisis-worried Ukraine.

The brother of Pavel lives next to us. He and his family moved to Canada nine years ago. My brother-in-law teaches at the local university, and the daughter-in-law, having confirmed his pedagogical education, works in the school, simultaneously mastering the specialty of the social worker and earning money in court. Paul's relatives support me in every possible way, they help me to settle in a new place. And I take an example from them and I make courageous plans for the future. Previously, I doubted: is it too late to start all over again at 40? But, looking at other emigrants, I realized: in Canada, you can make a career at any age.

And still professional realization means to me less, than family happiness. We with the husband dream of the child. Sometimes, Pavel asks: "Why have not we met before?" I answer: "Probably, really to appreciate each other".

November 23, 2017


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