WHAT CITIZENSHIP TO GIVE TO THE KID? The answer is unequivocal: both.

Often, living in happy marriage, spouses don't think that, unfortunately, about a half of marriages breaks up sooner or later.

In the process of divorce, it would seem, everyone is clear the answer to the question: with whom after the divorce will the child remain? - Of course, with the mother! So in 95% of cases occurs in Ukraine. But in the countries of Western Europe and other countries of the conditional West, as it is fashionable to tell now – "everything not so unambiguously". If it comes to court, you can forget about gender superiority. The court scrupulously examines the property status and housing conditions of the spouses, and gives the child to that at whom it is better. And it, in most cases, - husbands foreigners (is more true foreigners there already not they are, but Ukrainian women).

What, then, you ask, can give the child who became a subject of dispute, the Ukrainian citizenship? Only one, at first sight small, but valuable advantage - an opportunity for mother to take the child and go to the territory of Ukraine, which is not subject to the jurisdiction of any foreign state, and where the child - a citizen of Ukraine can’t be given to anyone in the territory of a foreign state, including, even, his own father.

That is, in simple words: if you are faced with the threat that your child can be transferred to a former husband who has connections, work, money for expensive lawyers in his country, but you can’t agree with this - the best solution is simply take the child and return to Ukraine. All this will be possible if you attend to obtaining the certificate of recognition of a child as a citizen of Ukraine and you will issue a passport to him at the nearest Consulate.

Perhaps someone will want to start a dispute about ethics, assess such an act from the point of view of the national law of the host country, etc., but as a Ukrainian Attorney at Law I primarily see my goal as protecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens of Ukraine, who, unfortunately are often infringed on the territory of foreign states.

November 23, 2017


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