THE SECOND CITIZENSHIP FOR CITIZENS OF UKRAINE. YES OR NO? For many married Ukrainians after several years of marriage, the question of the second citizenship is becoming topical - to receive or not? The first thing that comes to mind for our law-abiding ladies, in Ukraine, the second citizenship is prohibited by law, for the acquisition of a second citizenship is required

• Penalty

• Prison

• Something very terrible (my favorite variant)

Everyone read about it somewhere, and if you did not read it you just heard from a lawyer or a relative of a lawyer, or at least from a neighbor. Impressive fellow citizens put forward versions of "I will not be allowed to go to Ukraine" to "will take away the apartment and pension" and "take the garden house near Zhitomir". I am forced to disappoint - all this is a frank nonsense. The second citizenship after marriage can not only be obtained, but also it is necessary to do.

The main argument for opponents of obtaining the second passport allegedly is the Constitution of Ukraine, namely the 5th its article - "There is a single citizenship in Ukraine." Unfortunately, sending to this article is frank nonsense, the Law of Ukraine "About citizenship of Ukraine" accurately and gracefully opens a subject that, it turns out, the principle of "single citizenship- citizen of the state of Ukraine, which excludes the possibility of citizenship of the administrative-territorial units of Ukraine. If a citizen of Ukraine acquired citizenship of another state or states, in legal relations with Ukraine, he will be recognized only as a citizen of Ukraine. If a foreigner has acquired the citizenship of Ukraine, then in legal relations with Ukraine he is recognized only as a citizen of Ukraine "- in general, neither here nor there.

And here the adherents of "single citizenship" include the last argument, referring to the same Law:

"The reasons for the loss of citizenship of Ukraine are: 1) the voluntary acquisition of citizenship of another state by a citizen of Ukraine if at the time of such acquisition he reached adulthood"- But also here not the really lazy reader having read only several more lines, will find out that: "The following cases are not considered voluntary acquisition of another nationality:

• simultaneous acquisition of a child by birth of citizenship of Ukraine and citizenship of another state or states;
• the acquisition of a child who is a citizen of Ukraine, the citizenship of his adoptive parents as a result of his adoption by foreigners;
• automatic acquisition by a citizen of Ukraine of other nationality as a result of marriage with a foreigner; »
One could argue about "automatic", that is whether it is that in case of each particular country, but the "Convention on the citizenship of Married Women" which came to Ukraine in inheritance since 1957 establishes that "1. Each Contracting State agrees that a foreign woman who is married to any of its citizens can acquire, at her request, the citizenship of her husband in a special simplified order of naturalization. The granting of such citizenship may be subject to restrictions established in the interests of state security or public order. "

As you can see, dear ladies (and gentlemen) residing in another country with the soulmate can gain absolutely freely citizenship of the spouse without the slightest risk to lose citizenship of Ukraine.

Not wishing to burden the reader with legal casuistry, to draw a conclusion that the problem of the second nationality for citizens of Ukraine (and their children) is absolutely far-fetched and "sucked from the finger", not least due to the fact that colleagues are consulted on this issue, who have no experience of such "cases" at all.

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November 23, 2017


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