July 12, 2013 

Exposing Ukrainians to humiliating interrogations in the embassies, the developed countries successfully fight against inflow of emigrants. Fifteen percent of international couples, having met difficulties of registration of marriage, break up. Recently, the Ukrainians have headed the list of emigrants to the European Union. According to the European Commission, in 2011, citizens of Ukraine received the largest number of permits for residence. During the same period, the emigration services registered 204 thousand of our fellow citizens, who officially located in European countries. Almost half are the women who married foreigners. Today marriage is the most real way to emigrate to the European Union, the USA and Canada. However not everything is so simple. In embassies to our brides put forward rigid, and sometimes just draconian requirements. "In Ukraine, I would never have found such a husband as Antonio" A former resident of Dnepropetrovsk, and now an inhabitant of the province of Campania in Italy, Eleonora de Feliz met her current spouse on an island in the Caribbean Sea.

  • We worked together on the liner of the American company "Princess Cruises", - says 30-year-old Eleonora. - Antonio served as chief engineer, and I was an animator, amusing children. I am a translator from English and German. For me it was a great success to get a job in one of the world's largest companies engaged in organizing sea voyages. The liners «Princess Cruises» make cruises in the Caribbean Sea and in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the staff is well paid. You can see the world and make money. 
I spent almost a year on the ship and never met Antonio. Nothing surprising. One and a half thousand crew members work on the liner. Plus, almost four thousand passengers for each flight. Once our liner has moored somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. Passengers and crew members went ashore to walk through the local shops - there are hundreds of them. Accidentally I and Antonio have appeared in one shop. Both of us looked at new model of phone, have got to talking. When it turned out that we are working on the same ship, and have got acquainted here, in shop, laughed with all the heart. 

  • Oh, Eleanor is a fantastic woman! – says the 36 years Antonio without restraining his emotions. She won me over from first minute of a conversation. Beautiful, clever, cheerful — a dream of any man. I couldn't miss the happy chance.
  • Antonio has begun to take care of me — Eleonora continues— The Ukrainian men aren't able to show to women an affection at all. We aren't accustomed to constant compliments, small touching gifts, attempts to save us from difficulties. Antonio's courtings were for me something new and very romantic. For the first time in my life, I felt like a queen. We decided to be together. Concluded our contracts so that to work on one ship. In a year Antonio has made me the proposal. 
I have begun to learn that it is necessary for marriage registration. It turned out that in order to get a "nula osta" (permission to marry an Italian), it is required to bring only several documents in embassy: the passport, the birth certificate, the statement for marital status certified by the notary. If the bride was married, you still need a certificate of divorce. However, when submitting documents to the embassy, the groom should also come. Antonio and I flew to Ukraine and got permission to marry without problems. The wedding of Eleonora and Antonio took place in the summer of 2011 in Dnepropetrovsk. Eleanor took her husband's surname. In translation from Italian "felis" means happiness. The girl wanted Antonio to move to Ukraine. However, he said: "We will live in Italy." 

  • I didn't plan to emigrate to Europe — Eleonora admits. — I have gone there because of the husband. At first I was worried: could I live in a foreign land? Having lived in Italy for two years, I realized: here I feel at home. I like local orders, customs, culture. Antonio's family has accepted me as if the native daughter. Recently we have bought our own house on the seashore. 
I would never find such husband as Antonio in Ukraine. The Italians are exemplary family men. Now I'm on the last days of pregnancy. Any day we wait for a new baby in our family. Antonio still works as the chief engineer on the liner. Home comes rarely, but every day we communicate on Skype. Yesterday I told him: "There will be a firstborn, you will take a vacation for six months. In a year I want to give birth to the second kid". "Only for the collection of certificates for the embassy takes two to four months" 

  • Eleonora was lucky that she has fallen in love with the citizen of Italy — the Attorney at Law Kirill Barashkov comments. — The concept family for Italians is sacred. Therefore the visa questions connected with family are solved in embassy easily and quickly. But if he citizen of Germany or Canada became Eleonora's choice, she should wait for permission to a wedding long months, and even years. 
A few years ago Kirill Barashkov has decided to expand activity of the law firm and has begun to deal with problems of registration of marriage with foreigners. Unpromising as the lawyer thought in the beginning, the direction became unexpected the main and very profitable. Moe, every day up to a dozen people wishing to marry foreign citizens address to bureau. - — Preparation of documents for "foreign" marriage is a long and time consuming process— Kirill Barashkov explains. - Usually it takes from two to four months to collect various certificates. Not all have an opportunity to stand turns in institutions. But it is only a part of a problem. If the girl was born, for example, on Kamchatka, she needs to go there to take the duplicate of the birth certificate. Besides, collected documents need to be translated into language of the country of the groom and be certified with an Apostille (a seal that gives an international status to an internal document. Normally it is put on translations.- Author). As a rule, clients give me the power of attorney, and I am engaged in settling of problems. 

In my opinion, most often Ukrainians marry residents of Italy, Portugal, Germany, Israel. The number of marriages is strongly influenced by a visa regime between the countries. For example, after the cancellation of the visa to Israel, Ukrainian women began to marry en masse the citizens of this state. However, there are difficulties there too. In the territory of Israel register the relations only between Jews. International couples are forced to get married in other countries. 

Least of all efforts, if the groom from Italy or Poland. In this case couple will receive allowing documents for marriage within a month. The most problematic countries are Canada, the USA, Great Britain, France, Spain and Germany. In the Embassies of the USA, Canada, Great Britain is demanded that the bride has shown the whole file of the documents confirming the relations: joint photos, printouts of letters, Skype conversations, confirmation of hotel reservations, if there was a joint vacation. Sometimes they require even an account from restaurants. 

In addition, at the interview, the embassy officials will scrupulously study the intimate side of the couple's life. For example, personal details are very interested in the Spanish Embassy in Ukraine. On my memory there were several cases when Spanish grooms (hot blood!) rushed with fists on too curious interviewers. Furious grooms can be understood. Such inquiries are a gross violation of human rights. The embassies justify themselves: they say, they are fighting fictitious marriages. But I think that in this way the developed countries are protected from the inflow of emigrants. And very successfully: about fifteen percent of couples, faced with the difficulties of marriage, are broken up. 
«It is possible to bypass strict requirements, having got married in Denmark or in the Czech Republic".

  • In a number of countries, it is required that the bride has mastered the native language of the groom — Kirill Barashkov continues. —- For example, the German embassy needs to file a certificate of basic knowledge of German, issued by the Goethe Institute in Ukraine. Neither to buy, nor to get, nor in some other way to obtain this document, except as having learned language, will not work. Few months ago in Embassy of France in Ukraine was introduced the similar requirement. Before getting permission to go to the groom, the bride must pass an interview with the consul - in French. In Embassy of Spain oral check on knowledge of Spanish is practiced by several years. — How it is possible to bypass strict requirements to registration of marriage in a number of the European states? - Very often couples register a relationship in Denmark. According to the Danish laws, only two documents - a passport and a certificate of divorce (or to give the statement that it isn't connected by conjugal ties under the oath). Already next day you can receive the marriage certficate. After an apostilization the certificate becomes valid for territories of all European Union countries. 
However, in some states, special checks are carried out for those who have registered marriage in Denmark. n Germany newly made spouses are parted in different rooms and ask questions like: how do you call each other? What does your partner drink in the morning? Do you know by cell phone number of your husband (wife)? Tell the names of all relatives of the spouse and so on. If answers of the husband and wife don't coincide, cancel marriage. 

Except Denmark, without excess problems it is possible to register marriage in the Czech Republic and Cyprus. These countries are called marriages. Thanks to the pairs arriving there to register the relationship, the state treasury receives tens of millions of Euro annually. 

By the way, Ukraine has every chance to become a new marriage country. We have a visa-free regime and laws that are loyal to foreigners. One paragraph of the Family code of Ukraine interferes with development of marriage tourism: from the moment of filing of application to Registry office and prior to the wedding has to pass not less than a month. If the trial period were reduced to several days, thousands of married tourists would rush into our country.

  • According to your observations, do Ukrainians marry for love or simply use the opportunity to leave the country?
  • Ninety-five percent of my clients registered marriages for love. Whatever spoke about Ukrainians in Europe: say, they are mercantile and prudent, it's not true. Our women sincere, affectionate, heartwarming. I'm not talking about the fact that they can cook borscht, mend socks and, as a rule, have a diploma of higher education. In the West you can't find such brides. After getting acquainted with Ukrainians, foreign grooms quite often "takes down a roof". Therefore most of them patiently wait for permission to marriage. 
 November 23, 2017


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