REGISTRATION OF MARRIAGE WITH A CITIZEN OF ISRAEL When registering a marriage with citizen of Israel, there are some nuances, non-observance of which can have unpleasant consequences for the spouses. As you know, non-church marriages in Israel are not registered. 
Future spouses need to choose other country for marriage. Most of Israelis historically choose Cyprus as laws of this country allow quickly and without problems to get married, but many, especially recently, stop the choice in Ukraine, not least because many Israelis have Ukrainian roots, they want combine a trip and a meeting with family and friends. It is also important that in Ukraine the law allows marriage between two citizens of foreign countries, that is, the groom can be an Israeli, and the bride, for example, a Russian citizen. 

After registration of marriage there is a question of legalization of marriage in Israel and reunion of the family. So, two newly made spouses need to provide in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel (Misr. Apnim):
  • Birth certificate of the wife 
  • A certificate of non-conviction, indicating all previous names what she ever had 
  • Certificate of divorce or death of the spouse, if the marriage is not the first. 
  • Extract (certificate) of the previous marriage.
  • Notarial statement of marital status, made before the marriage. 
There is the greatest number of problems with the statement for marital status as notaries, especially in the province, aren't always familiar with requirements of foreign competent authorities in its registration. Practice shows that it is the best of all to make this document in a day or even directly in day of marriage. In that case police officers of Israel never have any remarks as like "why is the interval between the signing of the application and the marriage so long?" (especially Misr. Apnim of Jerusalem likes to find fault). With cancellation of a visa regime between Ukraine and Israel spouses prefer to go at once after registration of marriage to Israel together and to be engaged in submission of documents on a permanent residence already directly on the Holy Land. I think that this is absolutely correct and justified, the only nuance is that to prepare documents for the spouse from Ukraine it makes sense to begin in advance, in one or two months depending on a situation. 

 June 10, 2012, Kirill Barashkov


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