MARRIAGE WITH THE FOREIGNER IN THE CONTEXT OF THE CRIMEAN EVENTS. At once I want to say – our bureau is completely apolitical, a problem of our activity in general, and this article in particular high-quality legal aid to the citizens of Ukraine and other countries, their timely informing on all reefs of registration of marriage with the foreigner in the Crimea. Very often clients ask a question – and why, actually, I categorically don't recommend to get married with foreign citizens in the territory of the Crimea at present, because:

• The Crimean registry offices still issue documents on the marriage of the Ukrainian sample which the registration service of Ukraine easily apostils.

• The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine legalizes for action abroad, Russia has diplomatic relations practically with all countries of the world. The citizens living in the Crimea have as Russian (those who already have managed to get them, of course), and the Ukrainian passports on legal grounds. But this impression is deceptive.

• It would seem that should not be any problems with the recognition of the Ukrainian marriage certificate in Europe, the United States, Canada and other countries but this is only at first glance. It is no secret that a considerable part of the Crimeans has already received the Russian passports, and the authorities of the Crimea consider them as citizens of Russia, despite existence of the Ukrainian passport – respectively, in the marriage certficate will be written down "the Citizen of Russia". In turn, the Consulates of the EU, the USA, Canada and many other countries regard these citizens exclusively as citizens of Ukraine, the same policy is being carried out at the moment by the competent authorities of these countries, and this discrepancy can cause serious problems with the recognition of marriage in the future. Besides, I already had to face that the Government of Canada calls into question legality of the act of marriage issued in the Crimea (in this case the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine about the occupied status of the territory has been previously requested).

• Also, problems arise in the event that one of the spouses decided to change the surname at the time of marriage - it is possible to exchange the national and international passport only in the territory of continental Ukraine at present.

• As a serious problem, it should be noted that at all stages of marriage with a foreigner, his recognition (legalization), obtaining a visa and residence permit in a foreign country (and sometimes it takes years) - duplicates of the marriage certificate, and respectively heir legalization it is necessary to do several times. What will happen after the forms of Ukrainian marriage certificates in the Crimea end (and it will occur by July-August, 2014) whether will recognize the documents issued in the Crimea abroad in what countries with it there can be problems, now assume very difficult.

• What is important, citizens of all western countries for a trip to the Crimea need a valid Russian visa, to travel to Crimea, but I repeat that in order to obtain a visa for reunification, the second party will have to apply to the competent Consulate in the mainland Ukraine anyway. Very often consulates (for example, Spain or Belgium) require the presence of both spouses at the visa interview, but, unfortunately, in connection with the current rules, a foreign citizen will not be able to enter the territory of Ukraine from the territory of the Republic of Crimea.

• Therefore, I strongly recommend two main options for marriage with a foreigner for the citizens of the Republic of Crimea. The registration of marriage in the mainland Ukraine (for example, in Kiev).

The registration of marriage in the territory of a third country (the easiest way is to do this in an absolutely visa-free Georgia).

November 23, 2017


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