The registration of a marriage with the citizens of Germany can be considered the longest and most complicated process in comparison with other countries. I receive a lot of questions about the nuances connected with this procedure, but a good half of the clients are at first sure that telling all the difficulties and obstacles along this way, we are just going to get more money from them.

The procedure is really long and difficult, however at the correct approach and division into stages it is possible to reduce considerably it and save a lot of money and time.

So, the first. Regardless of where the marriage will take place-in Germany or Ukraine, the Ukrainian side must provide a full package of apostilled documents:

• The birth certificate - a duplicate with an apostille on the original

• Statement of marital status, made by a notary.

• A certificate of registration (residence registration) at the place of residence received at the territorial office of the State Immigration Service of Ukraine.

• In case the party is in a divorce - extract about marriage from the REGISTRY OFFICE and the certificate on a divorce.

• In case that from a previous marriage there are children, a court decision on divorce is mandatory. If the marriage is dissolved in court after August 27, 2010, the divorce certificate is not issued.

• The copies of the international and national passport certified in the Consulate of Germany in Ukraine.

At implementation of all above described points it is very important to refuse a habit to ask questions as "and why a duplicate, why does not the old certificate apply?", "and for what to certify the passport?", "and whether it is possible to take just the reference from the housing office?" and so on. No you can’t. No, the old certificate doesn't fit. No, not to certify the passport, it will not work. The fact that you were born on Kamchatka and were divorced in Dushanbe is indifferent for Germans. Regardless of any factors, you will not be able to obtain special conditions for processing documents. Germany is a country with a specifically organized but accurate and without failures working bureaucratic machinery and you will not be able to change it. You should not try.

After registration of all above-mentioned documents they go to Germany where future happy husband goes with them to the REGISTRY OFFICE and receives the treasured document - Ehefähigkeitszeugnis. This is a permission to register a marriage! However, even if a German has never been married - this document, alas, is not enough. In the municipality at the place of registration, it is necessary to obtain Aufenthaltsbescheinigung - this is a certificate of residence, where the marital status is indicated. Then on these documents it is necessary to put down APOSTILLE. Here such:

If earlier the German was married, a court decision on divorce is necessary, also with an apostille. I repeat again, the questions like "and why so and whether it is impossible to do in other way" I do not advise you to ask, it is a senseless waste of time and nerves. It is possible to simplify document flow only having got married in Denmark, but it another story altogether, besides also connected with certain risks and problems.

After the wedding, the question arises about leaving for Germany. Here everything is quite simple: a certificate of marriage with an apostille and a translation and a certificate issued by the Goethe Institute in Ukraine on the basic knowledge of the German language. Anticipating piquant questions I declare responsibly that neither to buy, not to get, nor in any other way receive this treasured certificate, except learning the language, it will not work!

December 21, 2012 Kirill Barashkov


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In most European countries it is required to obtain duplicates of documents in the Registry offices and certificates of non-conviction with apostille. No problem! We demand documents from Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Moldova and Uzbekistan.

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